20 Inch Educational LCD Erasable Writing Board

Big Size 20" LCD Writing Tablet handwriting Board with affordable price Feature for 20 Inch LCD writing tablet 1. Do not have a specific pen, stress writing, fingers and other hard objects are free to write. 2. performance: black background, bright yellowish green font, no active backlight,...

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20" educational LCD Erasable Writing board

Say Goodbye to Paper!


Eco-friendly writing tablet will substitute the common writing tools, such as memo note, sketchbook, whiteboard as well as other tools of writing and drawing, with various uses, conveniently apply it to the office, school or home.

20 Inch Educational LCD Erasable Writing Board

Main Features:

1. Paperless.
2. Suitable for designers, business man, teacher, students, and artist.
3. Environment-Friendly.
4. Make note, draft. Use for math and scientific formula.
5. Leave message for your family. You can put it on 
a table, desk.
6. One Button to clear all. (When it can't be cleared, please replace the battery).
7.8.5 inch writing area and only 1/8 inch thin.


20 Inch Educational LCD Erasable Writing Board


1. Paperless: for business people, designers, engineers, teachers, students and doctors, etc. useful and environmental-friendly. 

2. Love your family 
enjoys your life: as a family message board to deliver your love to your family, can be placed on the table and desk. 

3. Good helper for students: class notes, drafts, and scientific equations to solve mathematical problems. 

4. To win at the beginning: easy to cultivate children's writing, calculus, painting abilities, learn with fun.

5. Unspoken word: light and easy to carry, and can be recycled, can let deaf people communicate easier. 


20 Inch Educational LCD Erasable Writing Board


  •       Innovative technology, real paper writing effects, wiring and drawing, easy to use;

  •       Set the trend, Low- carbon Green, Patented Design, Drawing Revolution;

  •       20” LCD screen, no backlight, the stronger light outside irradiates, the clearer of the writing board                  surface displays;

  •       POM material stylus, long lifespan;

  •       One key erasing, one key anti-erasing, easy to use, the good helper for work, study and amusements;

  •       Application: Message-leaving ,math learning,drawing,graffiti,sketching;

  •       Users: Kids for graffiti and studying, Designers for design drawing & Brain Storm;

20 inch educational LCD writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet Advantages

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20 Inch Educational LCD Erasable Writing Board

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20 Inch Educational LCD Erasable Writing Board


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20 Inch Educational LCD Erasable Writing Board

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