Digital 5 Languages Learning Device Children English Talking Pen Reader with Books Korean Chinese Arabic French Pen

digital 5 languages learning device Children English talking pen reader with books Korean Chinese Arabic French pen

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Digital Children English Talking Pen and Books 

5 languages learning device: English, Chinese, Korean, French and Arabic 


TP1 Talking pen reader is a functional pen which integrates languages, sounds, songs, games, recording, compare reading and downloading. It can read out when you point to the text and pictures.


Functions of digital pen reader: 

1. Touch and read out:

Listen to any part we like directly. We can learn through books directly as well as the pen touch and reading.

2. Repeating:

We can listen to the any part for times as we like.

3. Translation:

We can learn 5 languages: English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Korean, just touch the flags at the top of each page to choose the language we like. 

4. Following and comparing reading:

 We can check our pronunciation immediately through following and comparing function.

5. Recording:

Start the recording just by pressing the recording button on the pen.

Recording whatever you want to remember in your life.

6. MP3 playback:

We can listen to any MP3 just by press the on/off button on the pen.

And we can stop, play and change the previous/next piece directly.

7. Volume change:

We can control the volume by the button or the volume adjustment card on the book.

8. Download:

We can download the mp3 files by he USB line.


Features of Audio Book:

1. Language translator: one set of books including 3 books with 5 languages: English in written and 4 translations French, Chinese, Arabic and Korean.

2. Children English learning pen: Alphabet + Numbers + conversation books + games + English nursery rhyme + Melody English songs......

3. Including key words, sentence pattern reviewing and memory enhancing.

4. The conversations in the book are close to daily life.

5. The nursery rhymes, songs and games will make children learn easily during the entertainment.      

Kindergarten Talking pen with books: Categories of 3 books

Book 1

Unit 1: Alphabet

Unit 2: My    family

Unit 3: Count

Unit 4 :My Body

Unit 5: My    clothes

Unit 6: My house

Unit 7: Colors

Unit 8: Shapes

Unit 9: Fruits

Unit 10: Drinks

Unit 11: On the    farm

Unit 12: Space

Book 2

Unit 1: My    kindergarten

Unit 2: My stationery

Unit 3: My room

Unit 4: Daily    necessities

Unit 5: Ball games

Unit 6: Vegetables

Unit 7: Actions

Unit 8: Taste

Unit 9: Transport

Unit 10: Go to the zoo

Unit 11: Seasons

Unit 12: Weather

Unit 13: Nature    Scenery

Book 3

Unit 1:Time

Unit 2:Week

Unit 3:Months

Unit 4:My bedroom

Unit 5:Foods

Unit 6:Appliances

Unit 7:Exercise

Unit 8:Mood

Unit 9:The public place

Unit 10:Where are you    from

Unit 11:Occupation

Unit 12:Contrast

Unit 13:Festival




Parameters for the Children set: 


Educational Toy


ABS and    Eco-friendly

Model Number







3 books with well printed coated paper.


4 buttons


English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Korean


Lithium    rechargeable battery



charging adapter


USB line

white 60cm

Packaging & Shipping

Colorful Gift Box: One pen, one charger, one USB cable, one pen stand fixed in EPE box, then with 3 books in one cover box. 

Carton Box: 10 gift box in one carton





Ship by courier, or Sea



Q: All the materials used are all safe?

A: Yes, we use the ABS and Eco-friendly materials. All the materials used comes from the ISO certificated factories and they will be tested again by our QC&QA. 

Q: The back repair rate high?

A:No, our products repair rate is just 0.3%. The quality of the components are guaranteed. All the products will be tested well before delivered, like temperature&pressure, aging test, charging and uncharging test, dropping test....

Q: How to make the after-sale services?

A:First, we will provide some main components for replacement. Customers can learning how to do the simple operation. Then if customers can not deal with the problem, the products can be sent back to us. The courier cost will be shared by both parties.

Q: Will there be more books for this pen?

A: Yes, we are now developing new books as set. There will be more set books to be used with this pen. 


Application of the reading pen:

Read out what and where you point are the distinct characteristics of our reading pens. With simple, point and read operation, our reading pens are now widely used in the areas of early learning, teaching aids, tapping recognition, scene explanation and so on.

1)Kids’ education: kids’ books, kids land pad, kids maps, stories, growing diaries, audio photo albums…

2)Students’ learning: teaching materials, dictionaries, words cards, audio lesson tally book…

3) Adults’ learning: languages learning, tourism manual, Quran reading, Bible reading, Buddhist reading, audio tally book…

4) Special applications: identity identify, anti-counterfeiting, audio maps, blind people’s learning, video classes, voice control machine, Museum cultural relics explanations…


Custom manufacturing is kindly accepted!

The service we offered for the sound talking pen:

1. Pen design, mold development;

2. PCB board design and development;

3. The design of books;

4. The printing of books;

5. Languages adding;

6. Adding stealth codes for the books;

7. Recording for the books;

8. Editing scripts of books and the sounds of the contents: 

9. Production of reading pens;

10. The packing design and manufacturing.





If you are interested in our digital 5 languages learning device children english talking pen reader with books korean chinese arabic french pen, welcome to wholesale the quality and convenient products with our factory. Known as one of the leading educational products manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer the customized service with competitive price. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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