What Should We Do When Kids Can’t Pay Attention On Study

- Jul 07, 2018 -

What should we do when kids can’t pay attention on study

As we all know, before adulthood, children have always been in the stage of learning about the world. The strong curiosity helps children to open up their horizons and increase their knowledge, and it also greatly weakens their attention. The specific performance is that younger children are mostly fond of novelty toys or audio-visual cartoons. For books, especially for textbooks with large texts, children are completely uninterested. However, knowledge is more hidden in books. To grow a child's knowledge, you must also learn the knowledge in books. How can you let your child fall in love with learning and take the initiative to learn? I think this should be a concern for all parents.

In fact, the solution is very simple. Just combine traditional books with novel toys and let children learn books like they watching cartoons. I think the children have no reason to reject the books.

wireless bluetooth reading pen

Reading Pen is a magical learning machine that can combine books, toys and cartoons.

digital kids reading pen

Massive audio books, magical sticker that can be pasted freely, and internationally leading optical recognition and sensing technology, the silent books become audio books, making silent items into audio gifts, allowing children to fully enjoy childhood and grasp the knowledge at the same time.

With talking pen, you can:

Self-made or mass downloading magical audio-visual materials, let the book speak, fully burn the children's learning passion, let the children in the perfect combination of sound, text and figure, fully mobilize the three sensory organs of sight, hearing and touch, such as watching Learning textbook knowledge in an animation.

Free DIY audio items, making sound photo albums, audio diaries, sound cups, audio desks, audio gifts, voice messages, etc., make the children's world magical and novel, fully mobilize the child's imagination and creativity, at the same time, Record the bits and pieces of life with sound.

Record the problems encountered in life and in the classroom, and tell parents, teachers or classmates afterwards to help them solve the problem, to reduce the accumulation of daily confusion, ease the child's sense of helplessness, and improve the child's ability to deal with and adapt.

When you are busy, record the necessary shackles, stick them on the desk/wall, let the children click on them at any time, experience the parents' concern in the interactive mini-game, and draw the distance between the parents and the children.

Application of the reading pen

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