Talking Pen - The Best Friend And Attentive Teacher For Your Kids

- Feb 08, 2019 -

Talking Pen - the best friend and attentive teacher for your kids

reading pen

Talking Pen allows you to teach children self-reading and listening. the basics of foreign languages, as well as very significantly expand the horizons of children.

The learning process takes place in an easy for children perception of the game form, so from the satisfied parents, whose children are engaged with the Talking Pen connoisseur, we hear only admiring reviews. Such training is a variety of variants of the most interesting educational game, which, without effort and effort, allows the child to master the whole range of knowledge necessary at his age.

In our company modern educational gadgets, you can always find and purchase for your beloved kids the modernized Talking Pen in different books. Her caring parents have already greatly appreciated her and have fallen in love with children who call the new Talking Pen or Reading Pen.

Loving parents will always be able to make a developmental activity for the child enticing and interesting. The company "Expert" is constantly inventing bright, unusual sets of games, books and various educational devices that can turn classes into a magic game. One of these wonderful gadgets is a pen-connoisseur.

With the help of this device, children from three years old can independently study the company's literature, even if they have not yet learned to read and do not really know the letters. By the way, a pen can also help you master reading. All you need to do is to drive a built-in scanner into the device on the pages of a booklet - and the expert's pen will tell you everything about what is written there. Also, she sees not only the text. If you touch the picture with this pen, it will also tell you what exactly is drawn on the image. Of course, for this purpose you will have to purchase a series of special books “Expert”, interesting for you and the child.

See the functions demo via link below:

kids talking pen

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