Talking Pen A Friend And Tutor For Curious Children

- Feb 06, 2019 -

The amazing Talking Pen is a friend and tutor for curious children. It reproduces a variety of sounds: animal voices, music, human speech, and even reading books ... And most importantly, it makes it possible to learn using the latest computer/mobile/tablet technology, so that the child does not spoil his sight and posture while sitting in front of the monitor screen!

Using the talking pen, you can learn foreign languages, learn to read and count, and also voice hundreds of educational books, stickers, posters....

Talking pen Expert and its capabilities

built-in memory of 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB;

works as an mp3 player and voice recorder;

audio files from the computer/mobile/tablet to the device and vice versa are transferred via the USB cable, bluetooth, WIFI, 2.4G wireless transfer;

the content of any book can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer's website;

audio recording function on audio speakers.

When a child touches the active areas of a book or sticker or poster with the pen, the corresponding information sounds - the names of letters, animals, the pronunciation of words in a foreign language, and so on. Before you start a fun learning, you need to bring a pen to the logo on a poster or on the cover of a book. The pen itself will determine which source of information is in front of it, and will inform the child that it is ready to work.

Follow the instructions to record the audio message. To play, touch the green button with the pen. To interrupt or stop the sound, use this button again.

We recommends sticking the green button separately from the other two, so that you do not accidentally erase any important entry.

What are audio speakers for?

This invention is useful for the whole family!

If you are learning a foreign language, write down the names of various surrounding objects on the buttons and paste them around the house.

Turn ordinary children's books into speaking, voicing illustrations, poems, stories and inventing your own stories.

Record your speech and put a sticker on the side of your baby's crib. Now, even if you asked someone to sit with the baby, the crumb can always hear the native voices of mom and dad!

You can record the names and annotations to the drugs, which is especially important for visually impaired people.

Stick notes on the boxes with things - the last century! Just write a complete list of contents on a sticker, and it will be much easier for you to find the item you need.

In the same way, you can voice music cards, reminder notes, a family dinner menu, shopping lists and much, much more!

The volume of the knob is adjustable. If desired, you can connect to it any standard headphones (there is a 3.5 mm jack). Also, the pen can be connected to a computer. Built-in battery; the charger is for talking pen only.

What are games with smart pen useful for?

Classes with a pen contribute to the development of independence, cognitive activity, fine motor skills necessary for school learning skills, sensorimotor coordination. The handle is suitable for both children and adults. Your child can use it alone or with the teacher during individual lessons.

Go to the mysterious world of knowledge with a talking pen! Come to us.

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