Spanish Talking Pen New Audio Books And Pen

- Aug 21, 2018 -

2018 New Talking Pen Kids Learning 6 Languages Spanish Magic Read Pen Children English Toy

Our talking pen is a electronic magic pen for kids language learning,and it's really a good assistant for children.The talking pen will read out  when you point to the text and pictures.The reading pen and audio book help children build reading skills such as vocabulary, phonics and reading comprehension. and the  functional pen  brings muti-languages , sounds and songs.we can add any language into the pen, and also we can add any other books into the talking pen . 


It is a revolutionary "assistive technology" tool for individuals dealing with reading and learning. It is a fantastic new way for children to enhance their literacy skills.


Parameters for Kids Talking Pen:


Educational Toy



Plastic Type


Model Number







ABS and Eco-friendly


3 books with well printed coated paper.


4 buttons


English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean(any one can be added)





charging adaptor


USB line

white 60cm

Custom Interactive Learning Toys for Kids OID Smart Recording Pen Multi-languages Translating Pen Read Pen


1. Touch and read out: You can listen to any picture, any sign, any word, any sentence, any story, any song you like ;You can learn through books directly as well as the pen pointing and reading.


2. Repeating: You can listen to the any part for times as you like.


3. Translation: You can learn multi-languages: English, French, Arabic and Kurdish, no matter in written or in voices by the talking pen.


4. Following and comparing reading: You can check your pronunciation immediately through following and recording children voice for comparison himself sounds.


5. Recording: Start the recording just by pressing the recording button on the smart talking pen.

Recording whatever you want to remember in your life.


6. MP3 player: You can listen to any MP3 you have downloaded in the point reading pen . And you can stop, play and change the previous/next piece directly.


7. Volume change: You can control the volume by the buttons or the volume adjustment card on the book.


8. Interactive games and test: The educational toy built in different games to test the knowledge the children have learnt and memorized from the lessons.

Custom Interactive Learning Toys for Kids OID Smart Recording Pen Multi-languages Translating Pen Read Pen


1. Kids'  Education : kids books,kids land pad,kids maps,stories,growing diaries,audio photo albums...


2. Students'  Learning : teaching materials,sound dictionaries,word cards,audio lesson tally book...


3. Adults' Learning : languages learning,tourism manual,Quran reading,Bible reading,Buddhist reading,audio tally book...


4. Special Applications : identity identify,anti-counterfeiting,audio maps,blind people's learning,video classes,voice control



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