Smart Writing Board---Children Colorful Creativity

- May 15, 2018 -

Every child who has reached a certain age has a love for writing and painting. As long as he can get something, as long as he can write, he will be occupied by their “graffiti works”. 

There is a drawing board that can solve the graffiti problem, which can reduce the problem of paper waste and ease the problems of housekeeping.

kids writing board

The smart writing board's  features:

1. Zero radiation, 

2. Eyes protective, 

3. Can be written repeatedly, 

4. A key to erase, 

5. Low-carbon environmental protection, no need to charge low consumption, 

6. Only 6mm thick and portable, suitable for all ages over 2 years old



Painting, graffiti, dictation, drafting... Let the children fall in love with painting, fall in love with writing, and fall in love with learning.

20 lcd tablet.jpg

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