Smart Cloud Classroom—— Work With Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press

- Apr 27, 2018 -

We now work with The Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press and build a new cloud platform to have a smart cloud classroom with interactive learning

The real cloud platform, includescloud platform (including evaluation system), educational resources (electronic school bag), interactive classroom, home school interaction and other functions.


Replace text messages with APP, more powerful, richer performance; support notifications, mass, circle of friends, private letter; support for text, images, voice, camera;

Support the school - teacher mobile office (OA), make it easy the Education Bureau - school - teacher communicate with each other; like "micro letter" model.

Using SNS , parents actively regist, automatically associated students, simplify the registration and management processes all through Internet.


Each student has one pen in hand. They can answer the question by touch the answer sheet.

The teacher and students have  interactive teaching nad feedback fully combined with the projector / digital whiteboard and Tablet PC.Support the fill in the blank, multiple choice questions, connecting questions, judgments, video titles and other types of questions, so that funny classroom learning greatly stimulates the students' initiative.

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