Custom Tablet PC---Medical Tablet

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Custom Tablet PC---Medical Tablet

Mobile care

The patient needs to go through three steps from the visit to the treatment:

1. The doctor examines the patient and gives the doctor's advice after the initial diagnosis;

2. The nurse transfers the doctor's order to the infusion or treatment card and prepares to perform;

3. The nurse implements the treatment plan. Every step of these three steps is crucial.

Due to technical and objective conditions, hospitals have not been able to effectively reduce the incidence of medical accidents.

With the development of wireless network technology and identification technology, information such as patient identity, drugs, blood bags, etc. have been digitized, and each step in the execution process of medical orders can be checked and confirmed in real time through a computer system, which ensures the safety and practical improvement of patients. Medical quality has played a huge role in reducing medical accidents.

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Rounds of the ward

In the process of ward rounding, doctors often need to pick up the patient's electronic medical record at any time, and at any time according to the patient's specific condition at the time. The application of the wireless network allows doctors to query patient-related information at any time through a mobile smart terminal, such as a tablet computer. Eliminating the trouble of having a large number of case records in the past, the condition can more accurately, timely and comprehensively understand the patient's medical history details and treatment process. The doctor's rounds are simple and easy, and patients can get timely and accurate treatment.

Mobile infusion

Many medical accidents are caused by errors in the infusion process. For most hospitals, how to effectively manage the infusion of patients, especially outpatients, is a problem. The mobile infusion management system can solve the problem of patient infusion in a complex environment with limited space and large mobility in outpatient clinics. All the reconciliation work in the patient's infusion process is carried out by the nurse holding a wireless tablet with a scanning function. All processes such as taking medicine, dispensing, infusion, etc. have professional system support. The corresponding barcode automatically generated by the system contains information such as patients, medicines and seats, so that the medical staff can see at a glance, effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of manual operation, and truly realize the correct patient, the correct medicine, the correct dose, the correct time, The correct usage.

Mobile triage

The doctor can use the equipped tablet to register the number of patients who are waiting for or waiting for the patient to be sent to the computer responsible for the triage at the front desk. It is convenient for the triage to know the current attendance of each outpatient doctor and allocate resources in time.

Convenient operation, user-friendly hardware design

At the same time, this size is also the most suitable size determined by the statistics of the medical staff's overalls pocket. It can be easily placed in the pocket of the medical staff, programmable professional shortcuts, with one-hand control, and can be used for recording. Realize the integration of the terminal, so that busy medical staff can more flexibly use both hands to care for the patient.

Pre-installed professional app for hospital

On the basis of the design of humanized medical tablet software, we also attach importance to system software. We offer a range of apps designed for clinical care applications based on different operating modes of hospital work. It is designed to be easy to use and closely integrated with the clinical care process to increase work efficiency. The open Android operating system also facilitates application development in the hospital information department. In addition, hospitals can work with third-party software application development companies to customize professional apps for their hospitals. ”

In terms of accessories, it is particularly worth mentioning that the matching charging base. Considering that the medical staff is busy, it is not necessary to remember to charge the tablet at any time, so this set of accessories has been specially developed, in single and six sets. As long as the used flat plate is placed on the base, it can be charged, and it also plays a role in finishing the position. A single base is also equipped with an external ID card reader.

As a custom tablet manufacturer, we not only cooperate with the system integration of hospital customers' mobile medical projects in the whole process, but also provide software and hardware technical support from the initial establishment of the project.

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