LCD Writing Tablet To Talk By The Deaf And Mute

- May 17, 2018 -

The Deaf and Mute with "silent translation" with LCD Writing Tablet "talk"


LCD Writing Tablet Usage

Dalian Zhongshan District Disabled Persons' Federation free of charge for 262 hearing and speech severely disabled people


Deaf Mute Yin Yugui (Left) Writes the word "Thank you" for the sign language teacher on the tablet


Morning News Dalian (Reporter Wang Yu) bent his thumb twice and expressed his thanks in a silent world, but today, 262 deaf and mute people in Dalian’s Zhongshan District can express them directly on a dedicated electronic LCD Writing tablet with who do not understand sign language.


Yesterday, Dalian Zhongshan District Disabled Persons Federation distributed free-use electronic LCD Writing tablets to persons with severe hearing and verbal disabilities within its jurisdiction, providing maximum convenience for deaf-mute communication with the outside world.


Previously communicated with family members using a small blackboard


"You can use the stylus to write on the screen." "You can carry it with you, but you can't break it." "After you finish writing, you can re-write it by pressing the center circle button." Yesterday, the second floor meeting of the Dalian Disabled People's Federation in Dalian Indoors, Shi Yongge, president of the Zhongshan District Deaf Association, used sign language to explain to the deaf and mute people present how to use the tablet.


Everyone present was listening attentively, and sometimes there was a look of doubt and he raised up and questioned in sign language. The sign language teacher Liu Yanhua told reporters: “They said that they are very curious about the handwriting screen and they don’t believe what a small thing can do.”


Twenty minutes later, when the people at the scene finally understood the effectiveness of the tablet, almost everyone excitedly raised their hands. Yu Yue, a deaf and mute person who lives in the Zhenhai community, works in Zhongshan District. He used sign language to say: “In the past, I used small blackboards to communicate with my family. When I was in trouble, I wrote on it, but when I was out, I had trouble. Screen is not afraid of where to go in the future."


Afterwards, the deaf-mute person on the court received a writing tablet one by one with the certificate of handicapped. Wang De, a monk in the Kunming street, said in a sign language with joy: “No longer have to go out with a pen and paper, and it is more convenient to go out to work later.”


The family is all deaf and mute and received three


After getting the tablet, Yin Yugui excitedly wrote down the word “Thank you” and handed it to the leader of the CDPF. He shook in sign language and said: “Thank the party and government, always thinking about the difficulties of our deaf and mute people. ."


Only 6 mm thick, the tablet is lighter than eggs


Yesterday, the reporter learned that the size of the A5 printing paper in the handwriting pad is only 6 mm in thickness. The outer shell is made of composite high-tech materials. A weight of about 50 grams is lighter than the eggs, which is convenient for the deaf-mute person to carry around.


According to reports, the tablet is waterproof and drop-resistant. The screen uses flexible liquid crystal imaging technology. It can be written with a stylus or fingernail. Pressing the button at the top of the screen will erase all the writing and it can be used repeatedly for about 100,000 times.


Yan Lijun, chairman of Dalian Zhongshang DPF, told reporters that due to hearing and language barriers, deaf friends have had a lot of inconveniences in their daily life and work. The District Disabled Persons Federation purchased 272 Dedicated Electronic LCD Tablets this year. It was distributed to needy hearing and speech severe people with disabilities in the jurisdiction. In addition, 10 window units such as hospitals, banks, and shopping malls were allotted writing tablet for the deaf-mute person to communicate with the outside world to better integrate into society. They provide convenience for their work, travel, shopping, and medical care.

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