How To Help Your Child Learn To Read

- Jan 29, 2019 -

Learning to read requires mastering three basic skills: syntax, semantics and phonetics.

Syntax is the way in which words, phrases and clauses go hand in hand to create sentences and paragraphs.

Semantics is how words and phrases in a group relate to each other.

Phonetics is basically understanding. It refers to the sound of letters and the relationship between written and spoken words.

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As your preschooler learns to read, it will develop in all of these areas.  The best thing you can do to help him grow in all three areas is to expose him to books and to reading every day. You can read aloud before going to sleep.

Here are some suggestions for your child to develop syntax skills:

Read books with rhymes aloud. You can buy books that are full of songs and nursery rhymes.

While reading, follow the words with your finger. This shows your child how a phrase advances; that a point represents a pause in the flow of history and other relationships between written and spoken language.

Write a letter with your child. Emphasize the different parts of the letter: introduction, sentences, paragraphs and end.

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On semantics

The skills of semantics include the ability to recognize and define words and predict the plot of a story. Other skills include understanding the characters, talking about the meaning of a full paragraph or a section of a book and talking about a complete book after reading it. It also means being able to substitute words with similar meanings and differentiate them. For example, "cup" and "bowl."

About phonetics

Phonetics is the mechanical part of the reading process. It includes the possibility of pronouncing words and recognizing word families, such as those with 'ch' and with 'qu'. It also consists in distinguishing words that are similar, such as "house" and "bed" as well as those with similar sounds but different writing, such as "house" and "hunting".

One great wat to have the kids learn reading is read and listen at the same time.

The kids talking pen is a perfect toy for kids learning and playing.

Smart talking pen is a functional pen which bring muti--languages, sounds and songs.

It can read out when you point to the text and pictures.The reading pen and audio book help children build reading skills such as vocabulary, phonics and reading comprehension.

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