Health Care Tablet PC In Hospital Help Both Doctors And Patients

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Health Care Tablet PC In Hospital is the newest way for doctor to call and supervise any patients' cases and health conditions. Put away the traditional paper cases and complex processes. Fast, efficient diagnose and consultation. 


With the popularity of hospital computer network and the improvement of medical information system, many hospitals have established powerful medical information management system, but the traditional way of fixed deployment of the computer are limited. The wireless network with terminal mobility, which can be more flexible,is being used in more and more hospitals.

The medical tablet PC can effectively improve the quality of medical care and reduce the medical accident.

For the doctors:

The patient identity management, mobile doctor's advice, mobile diagnosis and treatment records, mobile drug management, mobile medical specimens management, mobile medical records management.

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For the patients:

Patient status, electronic medical records, drugs, health indicators and other information can be uploaded on the medical tablet PC, then each step of the medical implementation process can be checked and confirmed through the computer system by both the doctors and the patients, which ensure the safety of patients.

tablet pc medical in hospital

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