The principle of talking pen

- Jul 12, 2017 -

Why talking pens can talk?

In fact, Talking Pens can identify words and pictures, because the index codes have been integrated in the paper in advance. Detailed production process is as following: 
A. Publishers provide books, pictures and audio files. 
B. Encode the contents of books and pictures, and match these codes to the corresponding sound files. 
C. Books are then printed in the traditional method with one additional layer of the codes for each page of the book. 
D. Through CMOS camera sensor, Talking Pens are able to read these underlying codes, and then play the corresponding sound files. 

The principle of talking pen

Customize Precedure

First plan:


1. If you have your own books and want to change it into audio books,you can provide your electronic book designs( which area you want to add the voice )and the corresponding voice file.

2. We will add the codes for the books and compose the data so that the reading pen can read the books.


3. We can send the ultima file to you and you can print the book by yourself .

In another way , we can also help you to print and deliver the books to you .


Second plan:


1. If you have had the books that printed with OID code, you can provide electronic book files and the voice files.


2. We will discriminate the OID code and produce the reading pen that match the voice and the code.

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