Reading pen in English teaching: Interest is the best teacher

- Apr 12, 2018 -

The reading pen sets learning and entertainment in one, improves children's interest in learning, enhances concentration, and develops good learning habits. Moreover, reading pens can fully mobilize the five sense organs of the human body, achieving manual, eye-seeing, ear-listening, speaking, and brain recording. 

The all-round super-interaction maximizes the child's enthusiasm for learning and allows the child to have a keen interest in the book, from "requiring you to read" to "I want to read". Reading pens now become teaching aids in the classroom. The atmosphere in the English classroom cannot be increased. Students’ interest in learning English has improved a lot.

children talking pen.jpg

The reading pen adopts standard Mandarin pronunciation and standard American pronunciation, allowing children to easily integrate into the standardized normative learning environment and more accurately grasp the standard pronunciation and intonation. Although our teacher's pronunciation is accurate, it is sometimes "Chinese" English. Reading pens can be a good complement to this deficiency.

Reading pens can effectively promote students' reading ability and hearing development. Students use the point reading pen to learn English and try to listen synchronously, which can effectively promote students' reading  and hearing ability. Since the use of point-reading pens, students’ attention has become more focused than before, and their enthusiasm for learning has increased.

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