Principle and Usage of 4G LTE Module

- Jul 07, 2018 -


Principle and usage of 4G module

4G module refers to the general name of a product that is loaded into the specified frequency band, the software supports the standard LTE protocol, and the software and hardware are highly integrated and modularized. It has the characteristics of fast communication speed, wide network spectrum and flexible communication. The hardware integrates the RF and baseband on a small PCB board to complete the wireless receiving, transmitting, and baseband signal processing functions. The software supports voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, dial-up networking and other functions.

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Wide application of 4G modules

The self-service terminal equipment needs large-volume network transmission, and the high-speed networking of the 4G module transmits all terminal service data and equipment operation status to the service center in real time, which reduces the operation cost of the business center and manages the operation scale.

Using 4G module, real-time collection of express cabinet business data and monitoring of express cabinet security, 24-hour continuous real-time stable transmission, reducing express company operating costs and improving service efficiency

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