OEM Kids Talking Pen Manufacturer Oid Educational Colorful Kids Readng Pen with Audio Multi-Language Books

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: GB00013

  • Age: > 8 Years

  • Technology Chipsets: Sonix

  • Books: Educational Audio Books Rec Paper Card Sound Poste

  • Function: Touch&Read; MP3; Translation; Repeat;Compare; Game

  • Power: Li Rechargerable Battery or Dry Battery

  • Capacity: 4 GB or 8GB Per Needs

  • Trademark: Greboo or as per request

  • Type: Learning Machine

  • Material: ABS

  • Special Printing Technique: Oid Codes Ink Printing

  • Images: Animal Model & Cartoon Model ; Adult Model etc.

  • Language: English Chinese French Russian Arabic Per Request

  • Oid Type: Educational Tool -Talking Pen with Audiobooks

  • Style: Educational Toy, Musical Toy

  • Origin: Shenzhen, China

1.Educational tool -reading pen with Audiobooks

We can offer the OEM service to you with the OID talking pen & OID softs training!

Product Description
The Talking Pen has many good points as following.
1.The lovely cartoon style and bright attractive colors will encourage children to read;
2.Features with easy grip and hold design;
3.Portable, easy to use, instant touch & talk enabled;
4.Talking pen plays the contents of the books in real time just with a simple touch;
5.Talking pen provides listening, reading, repeating, pronunciation correction, recording and translation from words through paragraphs systematically;
6.With built-in chargeable Li-ion battery;
7.Power saving- talking pen can automatically power off when it is not in operation for 5 minutes (for more than 5 minutes);
8.Once the audio contents are downloaded, talking pen can be used anywhere and any time;
9.Multiple audio-enabled books are available, a great number of book resources can be downloaded from our website, and the book you want to read or learn can be costumed;
10.Anew way DOE kids to learn - talking pen will make storybook, poems, thymes, ect.More interesting for kids, as well as improving their attention span.;
11.It can elevate the learning experience of students by focusing on the enormous benefits of listening;
12.You can test what you have learned.
13.With these various functions, you can apply Speaking Pen to any field.Ex) To language learning books, to religious books, to globes, to technical books, to children's books etc.
14.You do not need to rewind or fast forward to find the part that you want to listen to.

Our Services

Multimedia Print Reader's products:
Talking pens + sound books + talking globe+....
Understand what you cannot read, and learn to pronounce what you cannot say.
1.Touch, enjoy listening to the book
No need setting "Turn page" function, no need reversing tapes and no need any more operation with the hi-tech digital product talking pen reader, only touch, the books will speak magically.
2.Interactive reading gives zest to study
More sound designs of dialogs, sound effects and background music than common paper books fully mobilize your eyes, ear, mouth, hands and brain, bring you new multi-media reading experiences but no any radicalization hurt.Interactive reading gives zest to study!
3.Fashionable shape, simply operation
Multi-media reading reader satisfy you with listening and learning whenever and wherever you are at home, in the classroom, in the subway, or outdoor.Fashionable shape is enough to attract you, and elephant style just like a toy brings up children zest for books.
4.Real-man recording, high quality sound
All sounds are recorded by professional radiobroadcaster, foreign experts and children of opera troupe, providing high quality, graceful and normative sounds for kids language studying.
5.Trillions of books publication
Only multi-media talking technology can realize publication of trillions of talking books.Many of publishing houses at home and abroad rush to publish multi-media talking books.Authoritative publication will lead developing tendency of talking books.
6.Top technology guarantees no incorrect reading
Different form common touch-reading products, Multimedia printing talking readers use the most advanced 2-dimensional trillion of single multi-media printing talking codes support abundant books publishing in any languages, no any incorrect reading.

We thank you in advance for your interest in Speaking Pen and we believe that we can make a great success if we cooperate and enter into your market.
If you want to see how the Speaking Pen works or where you can apply, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be at your disposal.
We hope this to be a good chance to cooperate and make a great success each other.

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