How Tablet Classrooms Are Changing Education

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Tablets are everywhere in education these days — or at least it seems that way. Since the release of the original iPad just four years ago, tablets have reached about 3.5 million students, a number that grows every year. But numbers alone don’t tell the story. 

To find truly innovative uses of tablets, we looked far and wide for groundbreaking educators who have deployed their devices in a variety of environments, from special education to the flipped classroom. Read on to discover how these tech pioneers are using tablets to shape and improve the modern educational experience.

Using cloud collaboration tools like Google Drive and Schoology,  students are assigned individual projects that can be evaluated by their peers. Think back to how much feedback you got on an assignment from a teacher, in the whole class, there’s 30, using technology, I can take the amount of feedback in the class from 30 pieces of individual feedback to 750 individual events of feedback.

The process, however, is still collaborative, although not in the ways some educators might think.  Far too many people think that collaboration is work that is done together, instead, students spend more time improving their own work and helping others refine theirs, it’s constructivism that’s not individual , it’s community construction.

When every student is an active researcher, the entire class benefits from this constructivism. 

We believes that the personalized, constructed experiences that students are creating may be leading to deeper learning. Students are way more likely to invoke previous knowledge when it’s knowledge they constructed the meaning for, than they were to evoke knowledge when it was.

Terminal for students, study anytime and anywhere, meet the needs of preview, classroom interaction, after-school practice (complex) learning, teacher and student communication ; with massive rich multimedia resources;  More convenient to order high-quality resources, better support value-added services and operations.

How 5 Inspiring Tablet Classrooms Are Changing Education

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