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- Nov 01, 2017 -

Android tablet PC

Tablet PC (also known as Flat Tablet PC, Flat PC, Tablet, Slates), is a small, easy to carry personal computers, touch screen as a basic input device.


It has a touch screen (also known as tablet technology) that allows users to operate through a stylus or a digital pen instead of a traditional keyboard or mouse. Users can implement input via built-in handwriting recognition, soft keyboard on the screen, voice recognition, or a real keyboard (if the model is equipped).


Tablet PC by Bill Gates, should support from X86 (Intel, AMD) and ARM chip architecture, Tablet PC is divided into ARM architecture (on behalf of products for the ipad and Andrews Tablet PC and X86 architecture (on behalf of the product for the Surface Pro) The latter X86 architecture Tablet PC generally uses Intel processor and Windows operating system, with a complete computer and tablet features, support exe program. Tablet PC development With the rapid development of communication technology with each passing day, as a new technology, CDMA, CDMA2000 is rapidly sweeping the world and has occupied 18% of the wireless market. As of 2012, the global CDMA2000 users have more than 256 million, all over 70 countries, 156 operators have commercial 3G CDMA business. Microsoft's Tablet PC from the concept of product point of view, the Tablet PC is a no clamshell, no keyboard, small enough to put women's handbags, but the function of a complete PC.

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