Android system usage over Windows

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Android system usage over Windows

According to analyst Statcounter data, in March 2017, a landmark event in the history of science and technology that Android system with 37.93% market share for the first time than Windows (37.91%), has become the world's first Operating system.

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Aodhan Cullen, CEO of Statcounter, mentioned in a commentary: This is a milestone in the history of the science and technology industry, which symbolizes the end of an era. This marks the end of the operating system leadership that Microsoft has been occupying since the 1980s, which symbolizes a major breakthrough for Android - knowing that Android accounted for only 2.4% of global Internet use five years ago.

 According to Statcounter's chart, we can see that this Android victory is mainly due to the rapid development of mobile Internet in these years.

Here's the latest stats released by Statcounter in April this year: 

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Obviously, Android operating system's share is still rising.


Take a look at each platform separately, the share of each operating system: 

PC desktop, 

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Tablet ,

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Mobile devices,

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According to the above chart, we can see: Android and IOS operating system mainly has a higher share of the mobile platform. However, with the popularity of mobile devices, the share of mobile platforms has finally driven the share of the entire terminal and evolved into the advantages of today's Android and IOS operating systems.


However, along with the triumphant triumph of Android system, there is another issue worthy of our attention, that is the virus problem. Windows had the largest share of the previous virus attacks, Windows had a heart for all kinds of viruses, but also a lot of Windows users suffer.


Now, Android is not spared. According to G DATA, a German security vendor, the number of viruses on Android systems is growing at an explosive pace, no less than in previous years. Android OS now clearly occupies about 72% of the mobile market. Only 67% of smart phones in Germany use the Android operating system (data fromStatCounter). According to G DATA, more than 750,000 new Android malware applications were uncovered in the first quarter of 2017, representing nearly 8,400 new malware daily.


In addition, Android has its own special problems. Different versions of the Android system too much, even if Google released a new security patch, various manufacturers in the maintenance of customized systems are not enough time. The new Android 7.0 system has been released for a long time, but few machines have been upgraded to Android 7.0 with only 4.9%. Up to 31.2% for Android 6.0, and many more running Android 5.0 and Android 4.4.

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