Advantages of Metal Shell Tablet PC

- May 05, 2018 -

The advantages and disadvantages of metal tablet PC:


shiny, feel good, strong compressible and bending resistance, scratch resistance and scratch resistance


Unique gloss and feel. The unique and cool touch of metal comes from its good thermal conductivity and dense atomic arrangement. The beautiful metallic luster is because the free electrons inside the metal absorb most of the external light, and most of the light released is Visible light. This is why the metal PC cover appears "brilliant" after polishing.


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Metals tablet Cover are heavier than plastics, but the weight of different metals is also different. Magnesium alloys, for example, are lighter than steel at near-intensity, but magnesium-aluminum alloys are more expensive than steel. Therefore, if the Tablet PC is to be as light as possible while maintaining its strength, it is bound to use expensive magnesium alloys. But in the end it is lighter or better. Everyone may have their own opinions. The author himself likes to be light and thin, but many of my author's friends say that the thin and light Tablet PC does not have a “feel” and is floating like a toy. Therefore, this is a very tangled issue and how the Tablet PC manufacturers weighed.


A major feature of metal tablet cover materials is their generally high strength, and their tensile, compressible, and flexible resistance are also higher than that of plastics. This is why many manufacturers use metal materials to make the middle frame, frame, or back cover even if they do not use metal to make the tablet PC case. At present, in order to insert a larger screen within a limited one-handed grip width, many Tablet PCs have to make the frame narrower and narrower. This will inevitably require higher strength of the frame, so high-strength metal materials are required. Become the first choice for a narrow bezel Tablet PC.


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Compared to general plastics tablet PC cover, the hardness of metal materials is strong, so the metal fuselage occupies obvious advantages in terms of scratch resistance and scratch resistance. However, if there is color attached to the body, the color will be scraped off.



high strength, high difficulty in processing, high hardness, difficulty in coloring, conductor characteristics of metals, signal problems (This problem is greatly improved with the progress of the process).


Metals are more difficult to process than plastics. General plastic material molding only needs a mold to be able to handle, and metal materials need to go through a series of processes such as cutting, grinding and so on. Not only in the processing process requirements are higher, the processing time is far more than plastic. Therefore, in many markets that need rapid response, it is difficult to take advantage of time-consuming metal shells.


One of the major problems facing metals is poor color stability. Metal can't add colorant directly in the molding process like plastics. It can only be painted on the metal surface by spraying or plating. Although such a coloring process is more complicated than its plastic and the cost is more expensive, its attachment ability is far inferior to that of plastic. The only advantage is that these processes can add color to the beautiful metallic luster, so that the texture of the whole machine can be upgraded to a higher level.


tablet PC & Mini PC

The exact nature of the metal's good conductors will, to a large extent, affect the performance of the cell phone antenna, so this is why many manufacturers are reluctant to use plastic cover on tablets' signal zone.


At present, Tablet PCs with metal casings (whether bezels, middle frames, or back covers) generally choose to use other non-conductor media (such as rubber) to cut off the metal parts so that signals can pass well. But even if this can improve the signal problem, but for the selection of partition materials, the determination of the partition width, partition position, etc. also requires a lot of research and development costs.

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