Advantages of Android Platform

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Advantages of Android Platform



In terms of advantages, the Android platform is first of all openness, and the development platform allows any mobile terminal manufacturer to join the Android Alliance. Significant openness allows it to have more developers, and as new users and applications become more sophisticated, a new platform will soon mature.

Openness is conducive to the accumulation of popularity for the development of Android. The popularity here includes consumers and manufacturers, and for consumers, the biggest benefit is rich software resources. An open platform will also bring more competition, so that consumers will be able to buy their favorite mobile phones at a lower price.


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Rich resources of hardware

This is still related to the openness of the Android platform. Due to the openness of Android, many vendors will launch a variety of products with unique features and features. Functional differences and features, but will not affect data synchronization, and even software compatibility, like switching from a Nokia Symbian-style mobile phone to an Apple iPhone, while also bringing excellent software from Symbian to the iPhone, contacts, etc. The information can be easily transferred.



Convenient development

The Android platform provides a very broad and free environment for third-party developers, and will not be hindered by various rules and regulations. It is conceivable that many new and unique software will be born.


Google app

Google on the Internet has gone through 10 years of history, from search giants to comprehensive Internet penetration, Google services such as maps, mail, search, etc. have become an important link between users and the Internet, and Android platform phones will seamlessly combine these excellent Google services.

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